When glitches occurred as they almost always do Jeremy was right there to either get them fixed or work with the parties involved to find the best solutions. Jeremy was vigilant on all aspects of the project, even those that he might not have direct responsibility to manage or deliver. Our onsite visits allowed us to see how well the team worked together and their attention to detail, quality and cleanliness.

I was particularly impressed with their drive to do the “right thing” for their customer. Even now, which is almost two years from the completion of construction, I could call Jeremy, and he would be there. I guess you might call that his personal warranty. You won’t find it in the contract.

Quality, honesty, reasonableness and responsibility are all traits that I would associate with Jeremy and his team.

Paul & Beth M., new construction, Jamestown, RI

The quality of Jeremy’s work was terrific and the craftsmanship was excellent. His crew was wonderful to have onsite. Lila Delman Real Estate was open every day of the renovation – Jeremy and his crew were considerate of that at all times. Renovating a 100 year old building presents challenges each day and Jeremy was always able to come up with a solution. We are so happy to have The Reading Room of Narragansett back to its original splendor. Suburban Renewal’s workmanship has helped us earn a Rhody Award for historic preservation, a wonderful honor for all of us.

Melanie Delman, Pres., Lila Delman Real Estate – historic restoration

Jeremy’s complete commitment to customer satisfaction made the entire experience a pleasure. There was never a problem that he was unable to solve. He was creative with his solutions always keeping the costs in mind. No matter what the issue, he was always calm, focused and determined to get a satisfactory results. His crew was professional and conscientious as we continued to operate the real estate business around them. Prior to hiring Jeremy, I spoke with a number of his past clients – each one said they would hire him again. Now that we have completed our project, I would say the exact same thing. To me that is the highest possible compliment.

Geer Messinger, Dir. Business Management, Lila Delman Real Estate

We own a 19th century Victorian cottage by the sea. We undertook a major expansion and complete restoration. With Suburban Renewal, the job was exceptional, beyond our expectations, and a pleasure!

It was clear from the beginning of the project that the whole team was focused on quality and cleanliness. The Victorian detail was restored to its original glory. While the house doubled in size, the addition is crafted so expertly that it is impossible to tell that the house wasn’t built that way in the 1890’s. Jeremy and his crew were always dedicated and meticulous, and they were a pleasure to work with.

Paul & Barbara M, renovation and restoration to 19th century victorian cottage

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RI Monthly Design Award, Bronze
Rhody Award for Historic Preservation
Builders Choice Grand Merit Award
Providence Preservation Award